Thursday, July 5, 2007

Immigration, Lets Start with Mexico

If you turn on the news at any given time, there is a very likely chance that you will hear something about immigration. Because I fail at being God, I don't have a simple sentence answer to illegal immigration. But I will start by sharing my views about illegal immigration starting with Mexico.

The obvious place where this immigration problem starts is in Mexico. People in Mexico obviously can not find jobs so they come to the U.S. In an ideal situation, Mexico will agree to follow Americans lead, and establish a thriving economic system. Unfortunately, Mexico doesn't put the same amount of energy and pressure onto this issue as Americans do.

But, even if Mexico will start producing more jobs, they will never offer the same opportunities as the U.S. The U.S. is a very prosperous country and the opportunities found here, can not be matched by many other countries(if any). Just getting the Mexicans to grow their economy will only solve a small portion of the problem.

Mexico can however become more aware of this problem and take appropriate action. The past in a nut shell, Mexico threatened to sue members of the Minuteman project who did so called illegal actions against the mirgrants.
I believe that those "illegal" actions are anything but, fortunatly that is a topic in itself and it won't be written about here. This type of action by Mexico is an obstacle to the progress of finding a solution to immigration.

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